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The Institute for the Study of Peak States (ISPS) is a world-wide research, teaching, and clinical treatment organisation focused on the study of subcellular causes of psychological and physiological problems. It’s groundbreaking discoveries in prenatal development have also led to the creation of techniques for acquiring exceptional states of consciousness. This tremendously exciting and new field has stunning, practical applications in the areas of psychology and medicine. Twenty-five years of improving regression skills has enabled amazing insights into biological processes that create our bodies, emotions and our consciousness itself.

PeakStates Clinic
PeakStates Clinics are a worldwide network of treatment centres inspired by the discoveries of the ISPS. They work closely together with the research department and are conducted by our advanced therapists. Our vision is to provide high quality treatments to improve health and wellbeing and ultimately the quality of life for us and our future generations.

People who attend our clinics want to enhance their wellbeing, heal past traumas, broaden their personal and spiritual development, heal addictions and find direction in life. The research department is developing and testing treatments for the symptoms of autism, Chronic Fatigue, Brain Injury and OCD.

The institute’s original research efforts were centred around understanding the cause of spiritual, shamanic, and transpersonal experiences. This led to the discovery of the existence of various ‘peak states’ of consciousness, many of which have a profound impact on quality of life, and the development of our prenatal ‘developmental events model' that explains the cause of peak experiences, events, and abilities. We have mapped the overall structure of this new frontier of science, but it will be decades before all the applications of this work are explored and in place.
Our model provides a cohesive, theoretical framework that explains how psychological and spiritual techniques work, allowing us to derive entirely new methods and predict previously undiscovered phenomena. 15% of the intake of all training events go to the ISPS research into serious diseases fund..

The Primary Cell Model
1 cell1
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ustralia Main Office

Phone/fax: (61) 2-6689-7455
"Kaivalya Meru", 3981, Kyogle Road, Lillian Rock, NSW 2480 Australia
Nath email

Director Nemi Nath, past founder and director of Breathconnection and former president of the International Breathwork Foundation. The Australian Peak States Clinic, Training Centre and main office is located at Lillian Rock in Northern New South Wales. This facility is the focal point for the Institute's activities in Australia. It has simple residential facilities and is situated one hour south of the Gold Coast airport in the Mt. Warning caldera.


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