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ISPS Professional Trainings

ISPS Therapy - an entirely new way of understanding healing and consciousness - based on Subcellular Psychobiology and the Primary Cell Model by Dr.Grant McFetridge. He outlines his theory in his latest books “Peakstates of Consciousness” Vol 2 and “Subcellular Psychobiology”. Synthesising information from the diverse fields of cellular biology, psychology, spiritual practice and shamanism, these books explain how the human psyche operates. They identify how trauma, physical damage during pre-natal and pre-conception events, impacts our consciousness and health and how the healing of key-biological events allows one to acquire peak states of consciousness.

Our trainings are more then learning a few skills. Your perception of healing will change, and you need to be somewhat adventurous to integrate this new paradigm. You can expect to do a lot of personal healing because other modalities have not covered the developmental phase of the physical body in this way, as well as practicing as the therapist on students and clients.

Our trainings are ideal for therapists who want to be able to help more of their clients. ISPS Trauma and Peak State Therapy is a cutting edge approach, so you may find it challenging to present this new way of thinking to the public. You will however be part of the pioneering phase of something very new and and exciting, and help facilitate a giant leap in how we understand healing.

Who can do the trainings?
The trainings are primarily intended for therapist and professionals in the healing fields or for those who want to become therapists as their main profession. Each module contains valuable information and techniques, that may be used on their own or enhance other modalities. The modules build on each other, And can be taken individually over time or as a full training package.
You need to have basic therapist skills and experience working with clients before enrolling in the trainings.

Pre-requisites and certification
Before commencement of the training you need to have:

  • Read the text books “Peakstates of Consciousness” Vol 1 and Vol 2, and the Basic Whole-Hearted Healing Manual, to get a grasp of what this new work is about. You also need to familiarise yourself with the new diagnostic manual “Subcellular Psychobiology”, which will be the new diagnostic teaching tool.

  • You need to do three general therapy sessions with one of the certified therapists.

  • We require that you have no major health issues like heart conditions or mental illness Including suicidal tendencies.

  • We ask you do have a ‘Scan’ done with one of our staff therapists. This will help determine if there are any unusual problems that should be treated before commencement of the training.

The ISPS Trauma Therapist training enables you to effectively guide your clients to heal trauma and apply triune therapy. On completion of the ISPS Peak States Therapist Training you will guide your clients through peak state processes. The institute certifies therapists and for safety reasons some of the techniques you learn may only be used under license.

ISPS Trauma Therapy Training

#100: Triune Brain Therapy™ (2.5 days)
This course covers triune brains, triune brain therapy, and unusual situations that can occur during regressions. Triune brain therapy is a unique way of working with your sub-personalities Content Overview:

  • The Peak State paradigm
  • Triune Brain Therapy
  • The centre of Awareness (CoA)
  • Focusing
  • Projection
  • Brain shutdown
  • Crown Brain structures
  • Body brain associations
  • Dominant brains
  • Sessions with brains

#111: Basic Whole-Hearted Healing™ (7 days)
This course teaches the Institute's basic regression healing process for trauma. This technique, with its emphasis on unusual phenomena and problems of the psyche, is the basis for peak state techniques. Course Content Overview:
ï Review EFT
  • The Out-of-body (OBE) experience
  • Basic Whole-Hearted Healing™
  • Special healing situations
  • Tribal Block Technique
  • Distant Personality Release™ (DPR)
  • When to use WHH vs other therapies
  • Incorporating WHH into EFT
  • Assisting certified therapists doing sessions (optional)
  • Supervised client sessions (min 3)

#121: Diagnosis (5 days)
This module integrates your diagnostic skills. Diagnosing is particularly important in Whole-Hearted Healing in
order to determine which specific healing technique is appropriate for the presenting symptom.
Course Content Overview:
  • Theory and practice of diagnosis
  • Understanding advanced scans
  • Supervised sessions with clients

#130: More Healing Techniques (5 days)
This course covers techniques developed and licensed by the institute.
Course Content Overview:
  • Rapid Whole-Hearted Healing
  • Waisel Base Emotions Technique
  • Image Streaming
  • Supervised sessions with clients
#140: Core Issues (4 days)
Identifying core issues requires skill and practice. This module creates the space to heal yourself and to assist
others in finding their core issues.
They are major trauma caused by emotional and behavioural dysfunction that
are difficult to recognise and go unnoticed by the person who has them.

#170: Therapist/Client Relationships (1 days)
This course gives you explicit training in working with private practice clients. We also cover how to do ‘charging for results’ and liability issues.

#181: ISPS Trauma Therapist Certification
The certification procedure includes an oral knowledge test and a practical exam for competence in the techniques. It also verifies the understanding of the safety regulations and legal requirements for practicing therapists, like liability insurance, understanding of the risks of powerful therapies and knowledge of what to do when something goes wrong.

#160: Safety Training (7 days)
This is a set of internal or external courses to make sure that you have some background in conventional therapy problems, like mental illness and suicide, as well as cutting edge material in spiritual emergency. If you have done these courses in other training recognition of prior learning will be granted.

ISPS Peak States Therapy Training

#150: Peak States (7 days)
During this module you will learn Gaia phrase techniques to acquiring peak states of consciousness. The emphasis is on using these states for healing oneself and how to guide clients through peak state processes.

Course Content Overview
  • Peak Experience to Peak State Technique
  • Silent Mind state
  • Brain Light state
  • Inner Peace state
  • Life Path state
  • Observing and having supervised sessions with clients doing peak state processes

#181: ISPS Peak States™ Therapist Certification
The certification procedure consist of an oral knowledge test.

Post training
Support after the training is an important benefit. Once certified, graduates of the training are required to attend 12 monthly mentoring classes to discuss problems and get assistance with clients. They are able to list themselves on the national and international websites. Tele-classes are available periodically with information on new processes. The forum has a section exclusively for training graduates to exchange information and stay in touch with colleagues.

Course fees for the 2018 AUSTRALIA Online Training

Training fee: ISPS Trauma Therapist Training: $ 4275 AUD
Training fee: ISPS Peak State Therapist Training: $ 1425 AUD
Grant’s books have to be purchased separately.
The training administration is done via the Australian centre, please pay in AUD.
Assessment fees: EU 240 and EU 80.
Yearly registration fees: $100 US

Nemi Nath is the director of Peakstates Australia and the director of training for the ISPS. She has been with the ISPS since 2006 and has facilitated ISPS Trainings in 8 countries. She comes with 30 years+ experience in training therapists through her former international Breathconnection school of rebirthing. Transformational work and research into consciousness is her passion. Nemi is part of the ISPS research department and active in the humanity project of the Institute.

Contact information
For all inquiries please contact Nemi Nath by email: . By tel: +61 2 66897455
Alternatively by Skype via prior email arrangements.

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