Basic Peak States™ Therapist Training

Course Outline
The training is more then learning a few skills. To do this training you need to be somewhat adventurous because you will be learning a new way of how healing really works, as outlined in Dr. Grant McFetridge’s books: Peakstates of Consciousness Vol 1 and Vol 2. you can expect to do a lot of personal healing during the practice sessions and to be learning entirely new methods of moving consciousness. Because Peakstates therapy is only just beginning you may find it challenging to present this new way of thinking to the public and need to be prepared for and make allowances for a possible slow start of your practice.
Who can do the training?
The training is composed of a several modules that build on each other. The Whole-hearted Healing and the Triune Brain Therapy modules are open to anyone and they are intended for people who want to learn self healing. They are the pre-requisites to the professional training. They lay the foundation and insure that you are able to apply the new techniques on yourself before learning to work with clients.
If you are a layperson you will need to acquire basic therapist skills before enrolling in the Peakstates Training. These skills include therapist/client relationship, ethical practice, legal requirements, how to set up a professional practice, Client assessment, record keeping and referral procedures. Here in Australia they are available as accredited course.
Before commencement of the training you need to have read the above mentioned books to get a grasp of what this new work is about. We require that you have no major health issues like heart conditions or mental illness and we ask you do have a scan done with one of our clinic advanced therapists to determine if any of your structural problems should be treated before commencement of the training.
On completion of the training you will be able to effectively heal trauma in your clients, apply triune therapy and guide your clients through peak state processes. The institute certifies therapists and for safety reasons some of the techniques you learn may only be used under license.

Peak States™ Therapist Training Course modules Part I

  • 100: Triune Brain Therapy™ (2.5 days)
    This course covers triune brains, triune brain therapy, and unusual situations that can occur during regressions. Triune brain therapy is a unique way of working with your sub-personalities
  • 111: Basic Whole-Hearted Healing™ (7 days)
    This course teaches the Institute's basic regression healing process for trauma. This technique, with its emphasis on unusual phenomena and problems of the psyche, is the basis for peak state techniques.
  • 121: More Healing Techniques (5 days)
    This course covers licensed techniques, including Rapid Whole Hearted Healing™, Waisel Base Emotions Technique, Peak Experience to Peak States Technique.
  • 130: Diagnosis (5 days)
    This module integrates your diagnostic skills. Diagnosing is particularly important in Whole-Hearted Healing in order to determine which specific healing technique is appropriate for the presenting symptom.
  • 140: Core Issues (4 days)
    Identifying core issues requires skill and practice. This module creates the space to heal yourself and to assist others in finding their core issues.
  • 170: Therapist/Client Relationships (1 days)
    This course gives you explicit training in working with private practice clients. We also cover how to do ‘charging for results’ and liability issues.

  • 181: PeakStates™ Therapist Certification (1 days)
    The Certification procedure includes an oral knowledge test and a practical exam for competence in client work. It also verifies the understanding of the safety regulations and legal requirements for practicing therapists, like liability insurance, understanding of the risks of powerful therapies and knowledge of what to do when something goes wrong. Graduates sign a registration agreement with the institute and pay a yearly registration fee to be listed on the website and to have access to in-house and new materials as they are made available for the institutes certified therapists.

Peak States™ Therapist Training Course modules Part II

  • 150: Peak States (7 days)
    During this module you will learn Gaia phrase techniques to acquiring peak states of consciousness. The emphasis is on using these states for healing oneself and how to guide clients through peak state processes.

  • 160: Safety Training (7 days)
    This is a set of external courses to make sure that you have some background in conventional therapy problems, like mental illness and suicide, as well as cutting edge material in spiritual emergency.
  • 181: PeakStates™ Therapist Certification (2 hours)
    The Certification procedure includes an oral knowledge test for competence in client work. Graduates sign a licensing agreement with the institute and pay a yearly licensing fee to be listed on the website and to have access to in-house and new materials as they are made available from the research department of the institute.

Post training
Graduates of the training are required to attend 12 monthly mentoring classes to discuss problems and get assistance with clients.