A Toolkit for Relationships
This workshop teaches you the simplest of techniques to rescue yourself out of many difficult relationship traps.
Relating issues have always been and still are a hot toping in personal development. Regardless of what relating situation one is in, certain dynamics are always the same for couples, friends, teachers and pupils, colleagues, families, employers and employees. People become co-dependent and emotional reactions are on the agenda frequently. Negative thoughts go wild and are sometimes uncontrollable and projections fly high.

What is Co-dependency?
It is one of the most common problems in society today and many personal development workshops aim at independence and emotional detachment. Co-dependence occurs when a personality pattern requires a counterpart to function, regardless of whether it is a positive or negative one. The origin of our personality, whether we like it or not, is trauma. Hence co-dependence is the interactions of our traumas. Often people feel attracted to each other because of this interplay of patterns and some relationships re solely built on this. The problem begins when for some reason one partner in a given moment does not deliver the required counter pattern. This triggers further issues and people argue, blame and project in order to hook the other back into the co-dependent pattern, thus forming permanent emotional cords and becoming puppets to each other.

The Distant Personality Release (DPR) technique is the skill to undo activated cords or co-dependent patterns. It gives you a most simple to use and effective tool to deactivate cords and heal the trauma causing them. This tool can be used by either of the partners and does not require interaction that could further fuel the problem. Projected negative thoughts or curses can also be eliminated with the DPR technique.

Projection is the second most common relationship downer. Most people are blind to their own projections and very alert to other people’s. Recognising this blind spot and eliminating the projection is done with the Corteau Projections Technique.

For all other problems or patterns 'Super EFT' is a one point tapping technique, that heals genes. It is an all round trauma healing tool, used on its own or in conjunction with the other techniques.

Inherited traumas keep a person trapped in family patterns. The Generational pattern technique allows a person to determine whether a problem is inherited and to dissolve the pattern effectively by healing the gene.

Emotional reactions are the third most common culprit in relating with others. The Inner Peace peak state process synchronises heart and mind, which reduces reactiveness. This means that the emotions from past traumas do not overwhelm or control the present situation.

Do this program individually:
$ 450
. Four 1 hour sessions plus a follow up check in
$ 1250. Four 1 hour sessions and 1 full day for the Inner Peace Process plus 1 follow up session.

Or with your partner:
$ 725. Four 1.5 hour sessions plus a follow up check in
$ 1850. Four 1.5 hour sessions and 1 full day for the Inner Peace Process plus 1 follow up session.